How to choose the perfect window shades


When it comes to choosing the ideal window shades, we have a lot of options:  roller shades, pleated shades, roman shades or blackout shades. When we decide to buy one of those, we must take into consideration some factors: light and privacy control, the room in which it will be installed and, of course, the style.


If you think about light control, you must know that you can block it completely by using a blackout shade, or partially by choosing roller shades made of textile.

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Another practical aspect you must consider is the room in which you will install the shades. For example, if you have kids and you want to decorate their room, roll-up shades with a long cord may not be the perfect option. Safety comes first and this is why, in the children’s room we recommend a cordless item such as roller shade.  Also, cordless shades should be considered in case you have pets in the house, so pleated shades or vertical textile blinds are not a solution.


When we refer to style, we recommend you ask the advice of an interior designer. Depending on your current décor, he will advise you what window shades are best for you taking into consideration the colors and textures of your room.